February Conference Call

A quick update … this semester is rough already and is only going to get rougher, but hopefully I can continue to throw out some brief updates on Council activities as we go along….

As most of you know, SAA Council meets face-to-face in November, May, and at the annual meeting (both at the beginning of the annual meeting and at the end). But in between, there’s of course a ton of stuff to do and discuss. Yesterday afternoon (February 6th), we had a Council conference call with a few key items on the agenda. You can see the agenda and related materials here: http://www2.archivists.org/groups/saa-council/february-6-2017-council-conference-call-agenda. But here’s a summary of what happened during that call:

Also, for anyone who might have missed it, last week SAA Council issued a statement on the current Administration’s Executive Order Restricting Entry into the United States by Individuals from Seven Muslim-Majority Countries. Please note that an SAA Council statement requires a consensus (not unanimous, but majority) of Council members’ approval before it is officially issued.

And as a final note, there will be loads of information about the annual meeting coming soon. The schedule (at least as it’s proposed right now) is significantly different from in years past. As soon as details are firmed up, you will get that information. But for now, you might not want to book your flight to Portland just yet….


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