Talking points from November Council meeting

I wanted to pass along some quick talking points that came out of the November Council meeting that was held earlier this week (Monday-Wednesday). I will highlight the next-to-last bullet point, which includes a link out to the member affinity group transition work plan that was approved. If you are a leader of a roundtable (soon to be a section), you should be hearing soon from Felicia Owens with additional details very soon.

So here’s what we did during the Council meeting —
  • Participated in a half-day session on Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Involvement with facilitator DeEtta Jones.
  • Discussed possible revisions in the Strategic Plan 2014-2018 strategies and activities, particularly in light of the facilitated session. A small group of Council members and staff will incorporate suggested changes for full Council review. (III.B.)
  • Adopted “SAA Statement Reaffirming Our Commitment to the Importance of Diversity and Inclusion.”
  • Approved the following consent agenda items:
  • Referred to the ALA/SAA/AAM Joint Committee on Archives, Libraries, and Museums (CALM) a recommendation from the Committee on Public Policy that SAA reconvene a joint working group with the American Library Association to revise the Joint Statement on Access to Research Materials in Archives and Special Collections Libraries, last revised in 2009. (IV.B.)
  • Adopted a revision of the Committee on Education description that includes a newly created Graduate Archival Education Subcommittee. The subcommittee will ensure that SAA is positioned to address critical issues associated with graduate archival education even as the Committee itself continues its focus on continuing education.  As noted in the description, due to resource limitations, SAA and the Graduate Archival Education Subcommittee do not address accreditation issues. (IV.C.)
  • Referred back to the Technical Subcommittee on DACS some questions from the Council about the group’s request for funding to hold a meeting. (IV.D.)
  • Adopted the member affinity groups transition work plan as presented, and adopted “section” as the name for all groups formerly known as a “section” or “roundtable.” The staff and Council liaisons will be reaching out to the groups (via the Leader List and individually) with more information throughout the coming months. (V.B.)
  • Reviewed and discussed the 2016 annual reports of all sections and roundtables as well as several appointed groups. (VI.F. – VI.R.)

Full meeting minutes should be available in a few weeks. But if you have any questions at all, please let me (or if you’re a group leader, your Council liaison) know!


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