Council liaison assignments

Back in May at the new Council member orientation prior to the actual Council meeting, one of the key things that we learned about was our role in being a liaison between Council and various component groups (sections, roundtables, committees, working groups, etc.). Our role as Council liaison to a group is two-fold: take information from the group leadership to Council and take information from Council to group leadership. The amount of work that this requires varies based on the group. Some groups are more active than others. Some groups have more questions than others. Some groups are more product-based than others. Etc. Etc. Lots of factors can impact how your role as Council liaison plays out.

We new Council members (me, Courtney Chartier, and Bert Lyons) will begin our roles as Council liaisons along with becoming official Council members at the end of the annual meeting in August. But I’m hoping to at least pop in and say “hi” at the meetings for each of the groups I’ve been assigned.

Of course, in looking at the scheduling, it looks like I’ll need Hermione’s time turner to help me out with this. Many of my groups meet at the same time — and of course they meet at the same time as other groups I’m currently a member of and, in a couple of cases, I’ve already committed to attending/speaking at their meeting before the liaison assignments were made. So, if you’re a leader of one of my liaison groups, please don’t be offended if I literally just pop into the room at some point to say “hi” and quickly have to run off elsewhere.

The liaison assignments were based on a few factors. First, to help maintain continuity, the assignments are made on a three-year basis. That means that these are the groups I’ll be working with during my whole Council tenure. So, between the three of us new folks, we’re “inheriting” the liaison assignments of those who are rotating off of Council (Tim Pyatt, Helen Wong Smith, and Lisa Mangiafico). It also means that many of the groups I’ve been a member of (like COPA or RAO) had assigned liaisons already. But it’s exciting to get to meet new folks and engage with new groups!

The three of us were given a list of the available Council liaison positions along with brief descriptions of the groups and the groups’ liaison needs from the outgoing Council members. And then we were asked to rank the groups in order of preference/interest. Finally Rachel Vagts, as the newly-elected Council representative to the Executive Committee, officially made the appointments.

Anyways, if you’re a leader in one of these groups, expect to hear from me soon!

  • Cultural Heritage Working Group
  • American Archivist Editorial Board
  • Women’s Collections Roundtable
  • Students and New Archives Professionals Roundtable
  • Records Management Roundtable
  • Archival History Roundtable
  • Electronic Records Section

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